SlipToGrip Premium Cell Pads TWIN PACK – Two Universal Cell Pads and Alcohol Pad. Sticky Anti-Slip GEL Pads – Holds Cell Phones, Sunglasses, Coins, Golf Cart, Boating, Speakers.

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StepNGrip : Had it a couple of weeks or so now and its great, definitely recommend it!. After several weeks of use the smell will linger on your fingers after touching it still. These stick any dirt or fuzz that comes onto them. These are just too cheap and awesome!! There was also a little printed instruction sheet with a thank you for the order which was nice. With more than 4.5 rating and 1605 comments, this product stands out on its own. We suggest you buy this product.

– Includes Cleaner Pad). Great for GPS, Cell Phones, Sunglasses.
– To Renew Tackiness clean with soap and water. Includes a “Cleaner Pad” To clean your dash.

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comprehensive adhesive Gel Pads – matched Pack – Two impressive shapes and a cleaning pad. adhesive pads impressive to hold cell phone, GPS, sunglasses, radar detectors, almost anything that needs to stay in place. Renew tackiness by rinsing under water — sticks like brand-new again. more deep gel (competition is bladed) and impressive size – two impressive shapes. Make convinced your car dash is free from cleaners (i.e., Armor All). We include a cleanable pad to wipe your dash to remove cleaners. 5.75 inches by 3.5 inches beamy — large than most adhesive pads. If too adhesive, then use dust and oil from hands to debased tackiness. If you need stickier, then rinse pad under lukewarm water/soap, or cleanable with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol, on the pad to increase tackiness. Avoid high heat situations. Patent Pending Design and Slip To Grip Registered Trademark product.