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Our best-selling fleece cage liners are made from two layers of high-quality fleece with a superior absorbefacient middle layer, finished with an edge stitch to prevent bunching in the wash. No need to waste your time and money on available bedding, as your guinea pig, rabbit, or hedgehog will love playing and napping on a cleanable, adust, and cozy blanket in a lovable print. This listing is for one fleece cage liner with an absorbefacient layer designed to fit a midwest cage or a midwest rich Habitat. Measures approximately 24″x47″. (Made slightly large to allow for shrinkage) Wash on acold, no fabric softener, and vinegar can be added if needed. adust on debased heat or hang to adust. We recommend washing your brand-new liner 1-2 times before using to make convinced the fleece wicks properly.