Gel Pad Seat Cushion for Motorcycles with Memory Foam (Keystone Large)

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$79.99 $79.82

Ride Safe Gear : The product comes in 6 sizes ((Passenger, Keystone Large, Driver, Driver Large, Pear, Keystone etc., )).

. If you are looking for best in the category, we suggest you buy this product.Customer says: “I ordered this product for the specific purpose of raising me up a couple of inches so I could see over my husband’s head to read road signs on our travel excursions. This product was one of the thickest that I found online and came at the most reasonable price. It is super easy to install with the elastic straps that fit around my seat so I can put it on and take it off in seconds. It has solved my height issue and the comfort of the gel pad has made the ride even more enjoyable. Great product/great price.”.
– Adds extra comfort
– Breathable

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a large keystone seat cushion for motorcycles, designed to reduce vibration and numbness while riding. These pads will have you riding longer without discomfort or pain. As you will see, these seat cushions are well constructed. It features a brushed, thick top, and quality materials throughout. The inside is a combination of 1 inch memory foam followed by a ½ of medical-grade gel, with 1½ inch of high-density foam. The bottom of the pad also features a non-slip rubber worldly stitched on, to assist the bouncy straps and D-ring loops when attaching to your motorcycle. If you’re looking for the best motorcycle seat cushion, please give ours a try. In order to ensure that you get the seat pad cushion that you need, please check the measurements provided. There will be more sizes coming this week.