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PreparaKit : This little first aid kit is so packed full and in such a compact size. This is also the perfect size to put in a glove box of a car, a diaper bag or large purse. This kit has everything you need including stickers to help cheer up a tearful little one! This is the best first aid kit because it is small and fits in a backpack or purse. This is the perfect kit to carry in your purse, baby bag or your daily back pack.


  • CUTE/STYLISH KID FRIENDLY DESIGN – Moms with young kids will love this attractive family first aid kit. No more plain or basic designs that gets boring to carry around.
  • SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT- Small first aid kit allows moms to always be able to take along in purses and/or bags to handle any unexpected minor injuries. Convenient enough to have on hand to use at home or when out and about like at the park or birthday parties.
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    Do you ever say to yourself, “Oh where’s a bandaid when you need one”? 

    Our tight first aid kit is tiny and handy to have on hand at all times so you never leave the house ad-lib.

    It is equipped with necessary items to quickly take care of and soothe your tiny one’s tears at a moments notice. From treating insignificant cuts, burns, or bruises, all the way to those pesky splinter and hang nails, this kit has it all.

    The kits are assembled here in the USA with majority of the supplies sourced from here as well. aggregate compartments allows for flexibility to store personal preference items. It’s tiny yet across-the-board.

    50 pieces in this mini first aid kit:

    (6)Bandages (Kid) 3/4×3;, (6)Bandages (fabric) 3/4”x3”, (6)Bandages (fabric) 1”x3”, (2)Bandages Knee/Elbow, (2)Bandages Finger Care (fabric), (1)Gauze 2”x2”, (1)Gauze 3”x3”, (2)Hydrocortisone Cream, (2)multiple Antibiotic Ointment, (2)First Aid/Burn Cream, (1)Tape 1/2”x2.5yds, (2)Cotton Applicators, (2)Lip Balm, (2)Alcohol Free Anti-Septic Wipes, (2)Antibacterial Wipes, (2)Thermometer Strips, (1)Tweezer, (1)Scissor, (1)Nail Clipper, (2)Safety Pins, (4)Stickers

     Why this is the excellent kit for moms with youthful kids?

    • heterogeneous bandages for any child
    • Kids will love the stickers and kid design bandages
    • tiny and includes the excellent necessary items to take anywhere
    • Kid friendly and attractive design
    • Includes many high quality brand name items
    • Designed by Nurse/Firefighter team with moms interest at heart

    We know you will enjoy this kit or get your Money Back!

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