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Another reason these are great shoes for toddlers is the ease in which you can clean them! if you havent tried crocs before and are not sure what the best fitting size would be, aim smaller. They happily replaced them with a standard fit clog of the exact same style and color. They are of a waterproof foam material, so they are even perfect for showering at a campground, canoeing, or a day at the beach. They provide good toe protection from impact and the sun.

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The product comes in 35 colors (Pink, Sunshine, Lemon, Wild Orchid, Fuchsia, Black, Amethyst, Carnation, Kelly Green, Neon Purple, Red, Pepper, Khaki, Volt Green, Citrus, Ultramarine, Tangerine, Chocolate, Ultraviolet, Coral, Pool, Iris, Pink Lemonade, Turquoise, Ocean, Viola/Volt Green, Candy Pink, Neon Magenta, Citrus/Ocean, Sea Blue, Ocean/Citrus, Navy, Volt Green/Raspberry, Parrot Green, Lime)and also in 0 specialsizetypes ()

and also in 49 sizes (4-5 M US Toddler, 6 M US Toddler7 M US Toddler, US C12/13 Little Kid, 12 M US Little Kid13 M US Little Kid, 10 M US Toddler11 M US Little Kid, US M2/W4 Big Kid, 4 M US Toddler, 1 M US Little Kid, 2-3 M US Infant, 6-7 M US Toddler, 2 M US Little Kid, M3W5, M2W4, M2W4 Little Kid, 5 M US Toddler, 8 M US Toddler9 M US Toddler, US M1/W3 Big Kid, 2-4 M US Little Kid, 4-5 M US Little Kid, 6 B(M) US Women / 4 D(M) US Men, 4-5 M US Big Kid, 8 M US Toddler, US C4/5 Toddler, 4 M US Toddler5 M US Toddler, M1W3, 7 M US Toddler, 15 B(M) US Women / 13 D(M) US Men, 6 M US Toddler, 9 B(M) US Women / 7 D(M) US Men, 3 M US Little Kid, C4C5 Little Kid, C8C9 Toddler, 13 M US Little Kid, 10 M US Toddler, 9 M US Toddler, M3W5 Little Kid, 12-13 M US Little Kid, 12 B(M) US Women / 10 D(M) US Men, C10C11 Little Kid, M1W3 Little Kid, 8-9 M US Toddler, C6C7 Toddler, 5 D(M) US, 4 D(M) US, US C4/5 Infant, 10 B(M) US Women / 8 D(M) US Men, 12 M US Little Kid, 6-7 M US Big Kid, 11 M US Little Kid)


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standard clog featuring cut vamp with rough trim

Editorial Review

junior-grade Size J3’s are the equivalent of a women’s size 5. Crocs in this size will be marked M3/W5 on the packaging.