Bonding and Carrying Scarf for Sugar Gliders, Rats, Hedgehogs, or Other Small Animals in Charcoal Herringbone Knit

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The awesome way to carry and bond with your Sugar Gliders, Rats, Hedgehogs, or other tiny pets. The Infinity Bonding Scarf is a latest, scarf that contains a separate, tiny-animal fail-safe pocket for bonding. Each pocket is fleece lined, vented with metal grommets, securely zippered, and sewn with fail-safe technique and all hidden seams. The infinity bonding scarf is a fantastic way to tote your small ones about in style around the house or while out and about. This scarf is made from a poly-blend knit worldly in an affluent burgundy color with a coordinating anit-pill fleece lining for the pocket. The abbreviated bonding scarf measures approximately 30 inches in length, and the long scarf measures approximately 60 inches in length sewn in an around-the-clock loop. In the gigantic pocket style, the pocket measures approximately 11″ long by 8″ heavy and is designed for rats, hedgehogs, or aggregate sugar gliders.