BIC Pencil Xtra Strong Colorful Barrels, Thick Point (0.9 mm), 24 Count

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BIC : But seriously, these mechanical pencils are great. This is a great option for the kiddo that pushes a little too hard and breaks lead. These extra thick pencils are great for filling in scantron (bubble sheet) tests, and they almost never break on the tips. They make great lighters, they make great pens, they are just great. They still write great but dont break all the time.

– 0. 9mm lead mechanical pencil
– Shatter and splinter resistant

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These top advance automatic pencils come in varicoloured Barrels. There are three full length shatter and splinter unsusceptible #2 leads per pencil which provides a write-out equivalent to 2 1/2 wood case pencils. The lead size is 0.9mm.