Beeswax Candle Gift Basket

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LuvBees :

. If you are looking for best in the category, we suggest you buy this product.Customer says: “Love the candles. Since it was a gift I can’t speak for how they burn or anything. However the person receiving it loved it”

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This is our signature LUVBEEs gift basket. Featuring 5 candles are made of 100% natural bees wax, zero additives. The gift set features our fanciful selection of 5 candles (from the selection below): Honey Bee shaped candle BEE Hive shaped candle Pillar Beeswax candle Mason Jar Beeswax candle standard beeswax consecrated Owl Beeswax Candle Beeswax tea light candle all packaged in a lovely gift basket. This would be a fantastic hostess gift, housewarming, birthday, or an ordinary gift for the BEE LOVER on your list. All of our candles smell wonderful but Beeswax candles are truly unique. These candles will burn shinny and cleanable, very long lasting, and will release a pleasing natural scent. There is no ‘greener’ wax product than natural beeswax. All baskets include the Pillar rolled beeswax candle and the enormous Bee hive candle, the other 3 items will be a beautiful surprise of equivalent beauty and craftsmanship.