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Why we think Amazon is best ? – At selling and many other things.

Amazon is USA’s best and has worldwide products

You can shop almost anything online from Amazon! United states must be lucky for Jeff Bezos to start the company in 1994. The journey of Amazon USA started selling books online, and gradually increased their range and collection including music, videos, electronics, computers, apparel, shoes etc., Later Amazon USA also started making their own branded awesome products. They are Kindle e-readers, Fire TV/tablets, Echo, AWS services and AmazonBasics ( for low-end products). To deliver Amazon’s products even on Sundays, Amazon did partner up with United States Postal Service. Amazon also spend $18+ million on lobbying the United States governments on the enforcement of sales taxes on online sales, data protection, intellectual property etc.,

Amazon is providing jobs in the USA and worldwide

Amazon, in the USA and worldwide, is providing jobs to 1000’s of people. Particularly in U.S., it is aiming to create 100,000+ jobs by 2018. Recently, Amazon Go store was also opened to Amazon employees in Seattle. Where there will be no time-consuming checkout lines. By leveraging state-of-the-art tech in machine learning and using cameras and special sensors Amazon achieved this.

Amazon USA’s social responsibility and customer satisfaction

Amazon is also particular about social responsibility. It has built a campus in downtown Seattle, U.S.A, where the building was offered to share with Mary’s charity Place for homeless people. Also, Amazon smile is also a great initiative to provide 0.5% of the price to charitable organizations. They have an amazing return policy and Once my friend sent a mail to Jeff Bezos, expecting no reply. To his surprise, he did get a reply in less than a day and his problem got solved the same day! These are the few reasons to fall in love with Amazon!